N.O.T.: Q1 Reviw

As March and winter come to a close, we (me) here at lorinhates prepare for the next slate of contenders of the spring 2019 TV season. We'll welcome some familiar faces, bright-eyed rookies and await the most-anticipated series finale of the past decade. Before dipping into what's next, let's take a look back at what [...]

No Concessions: Strong performances make ‘#CaptiveState’ worth it

Last week I saw Captive State, a sci-fi thriller from the mind of director Rupert Wyatt ( rebooted Planet of the Apes franchise). What I initially perceived as a straight-up action film served more as a smart, heist-like educator on resistance. While the story swam familiar waters, it was lifted by strong performances. John Goodman [...]

No Concessions: ‘#CaptainMarvel’ good film; better setup for #Endgame

Friday evening I experienced the MCU's 22nd feature in Captain Marvel. The unknown recipient of Nick Fury's post-credits 9-1-1 page was finally revealed in a fun, nostalgia-inducing film. Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) shapes her own destiny after uncovering secrets of her past. With the truth free, she sets out to become the hero the galaxy [...]

N.O.T.: BET reboots right with #Boomerang

As much as we try to resist, the reboot trend is here to stay. The tactic of rejuvenating a former film or series for fresh eyes has always been a tactic, but it normally used lesser known projects as subjects. Today Hollywood seems aimed at pillaging classic franchises -- the bigger the better. So when [...]

No Concessions: #HighFlyingBird is the little film with a giant statement

Netflix dropped a little film starring Andre Holland this past Friday. Not sure if "little" best describes a project directed by Steven Soderbergh, and written by Moonlight scribe Tarell Alvin McCraney. But that's what happened as news of the movie first appeared via my (black) Twitter timeline. Boasting a cast of Holland, Zazie Beatz, Bill [...]

Hate is A Strong Word: #Shaft You sure you’re damn right?

This week we received the first peek at a new Shaft. This spirited sequel links Samuel L. Jackson's portrayal of the private dick Richard Roundtree's original, all while continuing the story for a new generation. Jessie Usher Jr. is John Shaft Jr., knocking on Jackson's door one day. Soon three generations of crime-fighters -- and allegedly [...]

N.O.T.: BET’s #AmericanSoul looks to be an interesting ride

Tuesday evening BET premiered it's highly-anticipated series documenting the legendary life and perilous death of Soul Train creator Don Cornelius. American Soul takes a look back on the rocky beginnings, sudden rise and unfortunate fall of the funkiest ride around. At a time when the TV landscape was paler than current White House interns, Cornelius' innovation shifted the [...]