30 for 30: A Pop Life

October 8 your boy transitioned to a new decade of this thing called life. I’m twenty years removed from the memories of childhood, and steadily reaching ten since I graduated college. While I’m blessed to be where I am, I’m nowhere near where I’d hope to be, and wish everyday for yesteryear. The next thirty days I’m gong to reminisce on the music, tv and film etched into thirty years of moments. This is my 30 for 30 – a Pop Life.

All my picks were not meticulously crafted, as thirty years of pop culture is difficult to summarize into thirty posts. But I did my best to elect my die hard favorites. Enjoy.

Alias | ABC’s spy drama was the first adult show I watched religiously. Sydney Bistrow’s double agent life within SD-6 was my first grown up show. It made a star of Jennifer Garner and changed what a female protagonist could be for five seasons. From the pilot episode where a bound, red-haired Sydney fought her way out of being tortured; to the climatic season two cliff-hanger where she woke up in the middle of Hong Kong, J.J. Abrams’ series became a personified classic.

“The Wizard of Oz” | Yes, Judy Garland’s take as L. Frank Baum’s “Dorothy” remains one of my all time favorite films. From the moment Dorothy sings the first notes of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” one can’t help but relate to her longing for something beyond the somewhat normality of home. But no matter where we go, we remember that home and family is where the heart is.

One In A Million | The 90s was a special time – especially for R&B. As hip-hop became more mainstream, it sprouted new sounds, movers and shakers. Two of those beacons of change were Timothy Mosley and Melissa Elliott. They kicked in the door with Aaliyah’s sophomore project. Different from the hip-hop/soul of the mid-90s, Million prescribed a more pop sensibility but still possessed street cred. The chemistry the two producers and late singer had was unmatched and the album’s impact is seen in new artists from Drake to Jhene Aiko.

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