Hate is A Strong Word: #Shaft You sure you’re damn right?

This week we received the first peek at a new Shaft. This spirited sequel links Samuel L. Jackson’s portrayal of the private dick Richard Roundtree’s original, all while continuing the story for a new generation. Jessie Usher Jr. is John Shaft Jr., knocking on Jackson’s door one day. Soon three generations of crime-fighters — and allegedly […]

Hate Is A Strong Word: #AHSApocalypse

We had it coming. We had it coming.We only have ourselves to blame.  Courtesy of Variety We prayed and pleaded for Ryan Murphy to bring Constance & the witches back. And when he mentioned the entire American Horror Story universe was connected, we waited with baited breath for the return of the fan-favorites. We rejoiced as Apocalypse was […]

Hate Is A Strong Word: Marvel’s Inhumans (Spoilers)

I finally took the time to view the highly-anticipated, critically-panned premiere of Marvel’s Inhumans, a new comic series on ABC. The show compliments the MCU’s already established TV narrative about a race of beings with extraordinary abilities. Viewed as abnormal they reside on the moon under the reign of a king and queen. But when a coup […]

Hate Is a Strong Word: ‘The Defenders’ Ep 1-4

Marvel set a tone for their mature Netflix series beginning with Daredevil, Jessica Jones and the somewhat lukewarm Luke Cage. Accompanying that tone was a level of hype and anticipation with each new series. It’s peak definitely soared with the groundbreaking debut of Cage’s edition. Sadly it was missed with the tumultuous release of the […]

Hate Is a Strong Word | This Is Us: S1 Finale

  Like most of America, I too, was caught up in NBC’s hit drama after the pilot’s jaw-dropping last five minutes. The reveal of the Pearsons then, being the same family now, was touching, bold and smart. Since then Tuesday’s at 9 p.m. have been a new version of the network’s “must-see TV.” Not only […]