Hate Me Now: Marvel’s #Runaways 2nd best marvel series this year

If you didn’t know, Hulu dropped the second season of Marvel’s Runaways December 21, picking up where the decent first entry left off. This season embraced it’s full potential, delivering a story-driven, action-packed addition in the MCU. With one helluva cliffhanger, season 3 cannot come soon enough. This season the lines blurred between good & evil […]

Hate Me Now: The Divine Pairing “Cloak & Dagger” Review

Marvel’s television run is about as uneven as DC’s film attempts of late. While Agents of SHIELD is superb, it doesn’t receive the attention it deserves. And its chronological predecessor Agent Carter was canceled after two seasons. Netflix’s franchises all suffer from too much of a good thing; while Fox seems to fare better with The Gifted and Legion. Finally […]

Hate Me Now: EVAN-GA. LI-STA. “Pose” REVIEW

For the past eight Sundays, mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of Pose. Ryan Murphy’s groundbreaking series traversed into unknown territory as he presented Trump’s America the first television show to feature five main trans actors – all being trans women of color. Set in 1987 NYC, Pose followed the lives of […]

Hate Me Now: “Killing Eve”

  Sunday evening BBC America wrapped up the stellar first season of spy-thriller comedy Killing Eve. Starring Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer, the cat-and-mouse caper follows a British Intelligence agent become obsessed with an elusive female assassin. Beneath the comedic thrills and fatal chills, is a stronger narrative of two women looking for freedom.   Oh is […]

Hate Me Now: Olivia is COMMAND Now

Last week’s two-hour finale of Scandal felt like the beginning of the end. And that’s because it was. After six seasons Shonda Rhimes’ birther of live-tweeting prime time will air its final season in the fall. What better send-off than the show’s hero living long enough to transition to a villain. Olivia Pope forever relinquished her White Hat […]

Hate Me Now: Aisha Hinds is Harriet Tubman

Unless you seem to be living under a rock, the name Aisha Hinds should sound familiar to you this year. Not only is the actress storming Wednesday evening television in Fox’s socially-lit drama Shots Fired, but she’s commanding the screen at 10 p.m. in WGN’s critical darling Underground. As Harriet Tubman, Hinds is stoic and mesmerizing as the […]

Hate Me Now: “What If…” Everyone Watched ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D’

Somewhere between the brilliance that was FX’s psychedelic Legion, and the The CW’s run-of-the-mill-tertainment heroes is Marvel’s Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D. The only television component of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (other than Netflix), it’s been holding its own ever since the tragic events of Captain America: Winter Soldier. Since that pivotal twist, Coulson and SHIELD have seen their share of directors, […]

Hate Me Now: Billy Cranston is the Black Superhero We Deserve

Up until the official launch of Marvel’s Black Panther next year, the only representations of black super-heroism on film have been far and in between. Yes, we’ve had Spawn and Blade, but somehow they feel totally removed from the comics’ hero resurgence we’re experiencing. As far as the last decade or so, we have had Storm barely cause one in […]