ELN: ‘Gifted’ – “eXit strategy” sets up war to come

the-gifted-exit-strategy-comicbook.comFox’s The Gifted saw our mutant rebels risk it all for a rescue mission.  Lorna and Reed form an unlikely alliance while Marcos visits someone from his past.

The episode opens in a flashback: Marcos, Johnny and others attempt to free prisoners from Sentinel Services. They barely escape, with one mutant – Josh – being left behind. He’s shot in the back. Another casualty in the fight for justice. Read More

30for30: Day Eleven

The Cosby Show | Being I was born in 1987, a full three years after Cliff, Clair and thuxtables existed, didn’t stop me from falling in love with the family comedy. I would make my parents record reruns of the show for me. I never realized the impact then, seeing these upwardly mobile African Americans living their lives and culture weekly. A monumental moment in television history.

A Goofy Movie | Back when the dollar cinema was a thing, my mother took me to see Disney’s father-and-son animated comedy starring Goofy and his son Max. Staple 90s film capturing teen angst and how that relationship with your parents change through those years. It will stand the test of time for the brilliance that is Powerline aka Tevin Campbell and “Eye 2 Eye.”

Unorthodox Jukebox | Before 2015, Bruno Mars was the fedora-wearing hook guy on B.O.B.’s “Nothing On You.” When his debut album came it was too pop perfect for my taste. But somewhere between a cocaine arrest and 2013, Mars flipped the switch with his sophomore effort. While still pop, it was threaded with a funky, sexy, R&B edge of yesteryear and a Parental Advisory sticker. Like Beyoncé and B’Day, Jukebox signified a point of no return for Bruno as he rose above his counterparts flexing his writing, producing and singing abilities.   

Trailer Things: Perry’s “Acrimony” sees Henson as thee woman scorned

The phrase “Tyler Perry presents” has become the best way to clear a theater in recent years. Other than a few Madea-less works, his attempts at keeping black actors paid are laughable BET mainstays. See Madea Boo 2, it will be on Debra Lee’s network soon.

Despite this Perry is highly successful. Owning his own studio, he is able to keep the mahcine working. The next product is the Taraji P. Henson-led Acrimony, which looks like the ideal Lifetime Original dipped in chocolate. I’d lie if I said I wasn’t interested in this tale of revenge from a jilted wife. Peep the trailer below.

30for30: Day Ten

Roc | Charles S. Dutton was Fox’s Roc, a loving, hot-headed garbage collector who lived a modest life with his wife, brother and father in Baltimore. The series was a listed as comedy, but it became something else as it tackled social commentary. It explored class within the Black community as well as the threat of drugs. A particular story arc involved the underrated Clinton Powell as a nefarious dealer poisoning the neighborhood youth. Roc was the sole man to stand up to his tyranny. Fox should definitely reboot this series for a limited run to explore 2017 Baltimore, and how life has changed Roc’s world.

Stepmom | I do not know what it is about this soapy, melodrama but I can’t not watch it anytime it’s on television. Julia Roberts plays the younger woman that eventually comes between Susan Sarandon and Ed Harris. Sarandon naturally hates her guts, as Roberts is seen as the mistress stepmother. But an unfortunate turn of events soon curbs any animosity in this blended family. One of my favorite scenes below.

Brother, Sister | Most of the music you experience as a kid is because of your parents. And my dad’s eclectic musical taste had me scatting along with The Brand New Heavies. I was obsessed with their encouraging “Dream on Dreamer,” the slinky “Mind Trips,” the bombastic “Fake” and the soulful title track.


30for30: Day Nine

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD | When the Marvel Cinematic Universe began, no one imagined how far its reach would stretch. Before the animated series and the Netflix sagas, ABC presented a little show that could with SHIELD. Anchored by Greg Kelly’s Agent Coulson, the weekly serial of the more mortal heroes told how everyday folk coped with aliens, superheroes and HYDRA. While it definitely crawled before it could walk, the series now runs as one of the best comic shows on TV.

Hollywood Shuffle | Robert Townsend’s satirical film on being a black actor in Hollywood opened in 1987. Thirty years later #OscarsSoWhite and other rallying cries for inclusion still ring like trumpets at the Battle of Jericho. The hilarious commentary on the industry’s color problem went virtually unnoticed then. They won’t ignore us today or tomorrow.

Return of 4Eva | Mississippi’s Big K.R.I.T. rattled the cage with his introductory debut KRIT Wuz Here. He followed up with the superior Return of 4Eva. Atop mostly self-produced beats, he flexed his skills as a lyricist on the glorious “R4 Theme Song.” Boasted on the trunk-banging “My Sub,” and touched hearts with the sentimental “The Vent.” One of my favorite projects of the last decade, K.R.I.T. remains one of the most underappreciated in the game. If you’re late, catch up on Oct. 27th as he drops his double album 4Eva is a Mighty Long Time.