N.O.T.: Q1 Reviw

As March and winter come to a close, we (me) here at lorinhates prepare for the next slate of contenders of the spring 2019 TV season. We’ll welcome some familiar faces, bright-eyed rookies and await the most-anticipated series finale of the past decade. Before dipping into what’s next, let’s take a look back at what […]

No Concessions: Strong performances make ‘#CaptiveState’ worth it

Last week I saw Captive State, a sci-fi thriller from the mind of director Rupert Wyatt ( rebooted Planet of the Apes franchise). What I initially perceived as a straight-up action film served more as a smart, heist-like educator on resistance. While the story swam familiar waters, it was lifted by strong performances. John Goodman […]

N.O.T.: BET reboots right with #Boomerang

As much as we try to resist, the reboot trend is here to stay. The tactic of rejuvenating a former film or series for fresh eyes has always been a tactic, but it normally used lesser known projects as subjects. Today Hollywood seems aimed at pillaging classic franchises — the bigger the better. So when […]

N.O.T.: BET’s #AmericanSoul looks to be an interesting ride

Tuesday evening BET premiered it’s highly-anticipated series documenting the legendary life and perilous death of Soul Train creator Don Cornelius. American Soul takes a look back on the rocky beginnings, sudden rise and unfortunate fall of the funkiest ride around. At a time when the TV landscape was paler than current White House interns, Cornelius’ innovation shifted the […]

Trailer Things: Season 2 of #TheChi says more with less

https://youtu.be/w2SIzEGg0oo Last spring I concluded Showtime’s series The Chi waiting for more. The show examining life and times of Chicagoans touched on several societal topics while illustrating normal life of black youth. The psuedo-coming-of-age story stars Moonlight’s Alex Hibbert and Straight Outta Compton’s Jason Mitchell as two lives intertwined by choices of others in the city. From Lena Waithe and Common, […]

Trailer Things: Gina Torres is ‘”Pearson” in “Suits” spinoff

https://youtu.be/uNTcp__XF2I I never cared for Suits. I tuned in for the early seasons because I heard great things. But soon every episode was the same thing. For me the only selling point was Gina Torres’s Jessica Pearson who parted the show recently for her own spin-off. Leaving NYC for Chicago, Pearson follows the attorney as she […]

Trailer Things: Mack leads a changed team in #AgentsofSHIELD S6 teaser #Marvel #abc

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=trDSntuNMSU ABC’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D resurfaced ahead of its sixth season with a new teaser trailer. With Phil Coulson gone, the team must adjust to new leadership, new challenges and formidable adversaries. How much of the snap and post-Endgame has changed the world for S.H.I.E.L.D.