N.O.T.: Arrow, S5

I had planned on watching all three of The CW’s DC-centric dramas, starting with the veteran of the group – Arrow. But as always life happened, and more importantly peak TV happened, and I was thrown from my steady schedule. So I placed them all on the back burner for summer consumption. 

Hate Me Now: Olivia is COMMAND Now

Last week’s two-hour finale of Scandal felt like the beginning of the end. And that’s because it was. After six seasons Shonda Rhimes’ birther of live-tweeting prime time will air its final season in the fall. What better send-off than the show’s hero living long enough to transition to a villain. Olivia Pope forever relinquished her White Hat […]

N.O.T.: Chewing Gum 2

So I finished Chewing Gum series 2 in one sitting Sunday afternoon. I sat alone in my house, scream laughing at my television as Tracey seductively danced in a homeless shelter’s bathroom before vomiting all over her now ex-boyfriend. I haven’t laughed that genuinely since Happy Endings. Not only is it HIGHlarious, but the genius that is Michaela Coel […]

peak tv: summertime

May sweeps will be upon us soon. A time when our favorite series combine into mega-story zord mode, slinging plot twists, cliffhangers and OMG moments before the summer hiatus. Usually I’d fret over their departure. The summer season is always loaded with fun shows that wouldn’t last a day in the fall or spring. Fortunately, […]

Hate Me Now: “What If…” Everyone Watched ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D’

Somewhere between the brilliance that was FX’s psychedelic Legion, and the The CW’s run-of-the-mill-tertainment heroes is Marvel’s Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D. The only television component of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (other than Netflix), it’s been holding its own ever since the tragic events of Captain America: Winter Soldier. Since that pivotal twist, Coulson and SHIELD have seen their share of directors, […]

Hate Is a Strong Word | This Is Us: S1 Finale

  Like most of America, I too, was caught up in NBC’s hit drama after the pilot’s jaw-dropping last five minutes. The reveal of the Pearsons then, being the same family now, was touching, bold and smart. Since then Tuesday’s at 9 p.m. have been a new version of the network’s “must-see TV.” Not only […]