Still Lit?

“Still Lit?” is a segment where I review an album from the past and examine if its litness remains intact. Naturally my taste levels have changed, so something I enjoyed at 13 may not entice me at 29. Unless of course nostalgia because everything was better when you were a kid, right? In the same vein, a piece of work I wrought off could have been a diamond in the rough. I’ll revisit said album, critiquing track by track – from least to most favorite. 

The first installment of “Still Lit?” is Beyonce’s 4. While a self-proclaimed Beyliever, I’ve always leaned more toward her booty-shaking, man-hating bops or midtempo songs. Not because she isn’t a great singer, but because I’m a beat person. If it can make me dance, I’m usually sold. With 4 I definitely danced, but it’s also about that first impression. Continue reading Still Lit?