SNDTRK ’18 | Projects of the Year

The album as we know it is dead. While there are artists who still produce cohesive bodies of work, many aspiring newcomers have mastered the game of “the playlist,” dodging half of the work it takes to conjure art, while reaping most of the same profit and exposure. Does it tarnish the music?  Leave that […]

31 for 31: ‘#MrRobot’ #TVChallenge Sam Esmail unleashed an unflinchingly dark portrayal of life in his reality-bending series Mr. Robot. Viewers experience the world through the drug-laced eyes of lonesome hacker Eliot Anderson (Rami Malek). When an opportunity knocks for him to take down the invisible hand of a corrupt corporation, society as we know it falls. Similar to […]

31 fo 31: ‘#LifeWithBonnie’#TVChallenge Once upon a time Bonnie Hunt was a host of a daytime reality show, mother and wife, juggling all with a certain ease and comedic flare. With a cook cast of characters and plenty of improv, Life with Bonnie didn’t survive long in its heyday. But one thinks it would have been the perfect […]

Twenty Eighteen (Thus Far): Peak TV

We’re a month past the halfway point of 2000’s 18th birthday. You’re an adult, bitch. Idealists figured you’d be living like Judy Jetson. Instead you’re gradually moving on up like Weezie Jefferson. Nevertheless, you persist and do things your way, unapologetically. Here are the best of those things in no particular order. Thanks for the […]

Trailer Things: Steve McQueen’s “Widows” After much anticipation, Steve McQueen’s long-awaited mob wives thriller makes waves. The trailer for Widows features four women’s plan to protect what is theirs when their criminal husbands are murdered. The film stars Viola Davis, Michelle Rodriguez, Cynthia Erivo and Elizabeth Debicki as our female foursome. With a script guided by McQueen and Gillian Flynn, the […]

‘Black Panther’ & Me

I never was into comics as a kid. I worshiped the Power Rangers and dabbled in Batman: The Animated Series. I remember singing Seal’s “Kiss From A Rose” during Batman Forever, and leaving church early to see Spider-Man 2.  I was the casual geek playing Magic: The Gathering at lunch, but never venturing into Dungeons & Dragons. (Although I did view the awful adaptation in middle school). […]