peak tv

As a child of the 90s, I’m a product of television’s transition from a luxury to a necessity. While my parents remember an era when all programming ended at a certain time of the day, I and my peers grew up among the development of 24/7 TV. Morning cartoons and new programs; day time talk shows and hour long soaps; Oprah and 5 o’clock news; and finally, evenings of must see TV to discuss the next day. Now as an adult, that experience has multiplied due to the internet. Kids today have instantaneous access – desktop or mobile –  where we were limited to a wired hookup when the landline phone wasn’t being used. Because of this splintering, TV isn’t just what is viewed live at a set time. It’s what’s streamed, recorded and recycled at one’s leisure. Peak television. As a result, there is just simply too much to watch. And I hate it. Continue reading peak tv


I think every writer hates it. The chore of stenciling or pecking one’s ideas on paper or screen. Trying to weave the perfect-pictured soliloquies from mind to legible blocks of linear phrases, sentences, paragraphs, articles, essays, etc. The fear of anyone reading them publicly.  Critiquing them for a job. Brushing through them breezily on a whim. It’s a vulnerability I’m not quite comfortable. But it’s something I’m going to endure and wrestle into submission. Come with me on this journey of hate-writing the things I love, like and detest.