Trailer Things: Season 2 of #TheChi says more with less Last spring I concluded Showtime's series The Chi waiting for more. The show examining life and times of Chicagoans touched on several societal topics while illustrating normal life of black youth. The psuedo-coming-of-age story stars Moonlight's Alex Hibbert and Straight Outta Compton's Jason Mitchell as two lives intertwined by choices of others in the city. From Lena Waithe and Common, [...]

Trailer Things: Gina Torres is ‘”Pearson” in “Suits” spinoff I never cared for Suits. I tuned in for the early seasons because I heard great things. But soon every episode was the same thing. For me the only selling point was Gina Torres's Jessica Pearson who parted the show recently for her own spin-off. Leaving NYC for Chicago, Pearson follows the attorney as she [...]

Trailer Things: Mack leads a changed team in #AgentsofSHIELD S6 teaser #Marvel #abc ABC's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D resurfaced ahead of its sixth season with a new teaser trailer. With Phil Coulson gone, the team must adjust to new leadership, new challenges and formidable adversaries. How much of the snap and post-Endgame has changed the world for S.H.I.E.L.D.

E.L.N : ‘#ThePassage’ is a revolutionary horror thriller

Fox finally premiered the The Passage, a sci-fi/horror series centering on a government-funded experiment gone wrong. Based on the novel by Justin Cronin, the show examines humans' God complex and the hierarchy of who is valued in our society. It is also a revolutionary act in motion. When a scientist's body defeats death after being bitten by [...]

Trailer Things: Peter swings internationally with #FarFromHome trailer Last we saw Tom Holland's Peter Parker (in the Spider-Man universe), Aunt May (Marisa Tomei) discovered her nephews heroic identity. Now with his secret out to her and best friend Ned (Jacob Batalon), the neighborhood's friendly Avenger can return to some normalcy. He seeks this on a school trip to Europe, eyeing MJ (Zendaya) [...]

Hate Me Now: Marvel’s #Runaways 2nd best marvel series this year

If you didn't know, Hulu dropped the second season of Marvel's Runaways December 21, picking up where the decent first entry left off. This season embraced it's full potential, delivering a story-driven, action-packed addition in the MCU. With one helluva cliffhanger, season 3 cannot come soon enough. This season the lines blurred between good & evil [...]

“Out like a light/like a light/like a light/like a light”- 1/50, SNDTRK ’18 No other artist. No other song. No other beat. Shook radio, concert halls, earbuds or aux cords like Travis Scott's three-song opus "Sicko Mode." It pushed his third LP, Astroworld, to  #1. A spot he'd hold for a second week amidst some royal drama.  He truly is one of the few artists pushing hip-hop forward creatively, [...]

“Switch it, smoke it, I’ma sway on you” – 2/50, SNDTRK ’18

Ladies and gentlemen, the sexiest song of 2018. Sweet nothings sang breathlessly in our ears by a relatively unknown artist never sounded so good. Atop a slinky, hypnotizing beat launched by a Stokley 90s ad-lib, it was the song I never got tired of. Ever. It's the definition of a mood.

“I want you out of my comfort zone” – 3/50, SNDTRK ’18

I was privileged to witness Tamia live this year. With a career spanning 20 years, she effortlessly pulled gems and deep cuts from all seven of her albums. From the Jermaine Dupri-produced "Imagination," to her latest hit from this year's Passion Like Fire - "Leave It Smokin'." The Salaam Remi-produced track builds on a 90s hip-hop [...]