ELN: ‘Gifted’ – “eXit strategy” sets up war to come

the-gifted-exit-strategy-comicbook.comFox’s The Gifted saw our mutant rebels risk it all for a rescue mission.  Lorna and Reed form an unlikely alliance while Marcos visits someone from his past.

The episode opens in a flashback: Marcos, Johnny and others attempt to free prisoners from Sentinel Services. They barely escape, with one mutant – Josh – being left behind. He’s shot in the back. Another casualty in the fight for justice. Read More

30for30: Day Eleven

The Cosby Show | Being I was born in 1987, a full three years after Cliff, Clair and thuxtables existed, didn’t stop me from falling in love with the family comedy. I would make my parents record reruns of the show for me. I never realized the impact then, seeing these upwardly mobile African Americans living their lives and culture weekly. A monumental moment in television history.

A Goofy Movie | Back when the dollar cinema was a thing, my mother took me to see Disney’s father-and-son animated comedy starring Goofy and his son Max. Staple 90s film capturing teen angst and how that relationship with your parents change through those years. It will stand the test of time for the brilliance that is Powerline aka Tevin Campbell and “Eye 2 Eye.”

Unorthodox Jukebox | Before 2015, Bruno Mars was the fedora-wearing hook guy on B.O.B.’s “Nothing On You.” When his debut album came it was too pop perfect for my taste. But somewhere between a cocaine arrest and 2013, Mars flipped the switch with his sophomore effort. While still pop, it was threaded with a funky, sexy, R&B edge of yesteryear and a Parental Advisory sticker. Like Beyoncé and B’Day, Jukebox signified a point of no return for Bruno as he rose above his counterparts flexing his writing, producing and singing abilities.