“Still I found a way to gravitate to you” – 4/50, SNDTRK ’18

After almost three years since her debut, NAO returned with her sophomore Saturn. Boasting a newfound sense of self and direction, the album is a seamless presentation of heartfelt reflection on life and love. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KqJC0bXa-qE My favorite song (as of now) is the tragically beautiful “Orbit” about losing to gain something better — something greater. 

“….And I love it” – 9/50, SNDTRK ’18

Jessie J boasted one of the industry’s biggest voices with power and range. But for some reason her stateside success had been a bit light. Other than a few pop standout singles, she kinda came and went.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CB2_4IT4n-U Personally I felt indifferent to the pop singer. Her vocal ability was top notch, but I felt […]

“Pull me up pull me up pull me up” – 10/50, SNDTRK ’18

The Carters shook the table when they dropped the long discussed and debated collab project Everything is Love. Fans of both artists had long rejected a joint project from the power couple. But once it arrived, every qualm was forgotten. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O6-KdmF6wxM My personal favorite was the brooding melodramatic “FRIENDS.” A scathing read to somebody that they […]

“Diamonds and dreams come true for girls like me” – 12/50, SNDTRK ’18

Problema favorita Azealia Banks was set to deliver her highly-anticipated sophomore LP on the wings of this house-tastic track of new found love. “Anna Wintour” is Banks at her finest. Fast rhymes. Solid beats. And vocals that make you want to sing along with her. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=au8QGTiPhEw But in same Ms. Banks fashion, her worst enemy […]

“Now that I got my s*it figured out..” – 13/50, SNDTRK ’18

2018 was the year I discovered Victoria Monet. I had seen her name float around the Twittersphere, but never listened to her mixtapes. This all changed with the release of Life After Love Parts 1 & 2 (to be discussed later with my POTY posts).  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZGlbLaAHSfs The author of some of pop’s favorite hits ushered […]

“A little more of this, little less of that” – 17/50, SNDTRK ’18

Leon Bridges keeps a low profile as the purveyor of cool personified. His second album Good Thing found the Texas native crooning over polished R&B and jazz production, flexing he can do more than the 60s doo-wop of his debut. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cztfyj1dVgk With “Bad Bad News” Bridges rides a jazzy break-beat with a pseudo-political message — that sadly […]

SNDTRK ’18 | Projects of the Year

The album as we know it is dead. While there are artists who still produce cohesive bodies of work, many aspiring newcomers have mastered the game of “the playlist,” dodging half of the work it takes to conjure art, while reaping most of the same profit and exposure. Does it tarnish the music?  Leave that […]

Rewind: DAMN.

In 2006 hip-hop experienced an identity crisis of sorts. One of its most prolific stars declared the musical genre dead. Nas’ Hip-Hop is Dead was rap purists’ declaration that lyrical superiority and artistic expression were being squandered for success by any means. Being a newly self-proclaimed hip-hop head my freshman year at IU, I wholeheartedly agreed. Blogging by day and student-ing […]