“Gucci Barry White/I’m singing to you ho” – 5/50, SNDTRK ’18

The second song from Mr. Davis on my list received a huge boost from R&B preserver  (yeah, I said it) Bruno Mars. With him on the chorus and Kodak’s featured verse, Mane drops a single that each generation can two-step to. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U68MJz9DrI4 As if the song wasn’t enough, the video pushed the swag factor to […]

30for30: Day Eleven

The Cosby Show | Being I was born in 1987, a full three years after Cliff, Clair and thuxtables existed, didn’t stop me from falling in love with the family comedy. I would make my parents record reruns of the show for me. I never realized the impact then, seeing these upwardly mobile African Americans […]

Rewind: DAMN.

In 2006 hip-hop experienced an identity crisis of sorts. One of its most prolific stars declared the musical genre dead. Nas’ Hip-Hop is Dead was rap purists’ declaration that lyrical superiority and artistic expression were being squandered for success by any means. Being a newly self-proclaimed hip-hop head my freshman year at IU, I wholeheartedly agreed. Blogging by day and student-ing […]