Trailer Things: “Spider-Man: Into the Sider-Verse”, Dec. 2018 In this animated feature from Sony/Marvel, we're officially introduced to the other Spider-Man, Miles Morales. Born in the comics, Miles learns the ropes of being a superhero from Peter Parker himself as their universes merge. It looks like we'll also see a female spidey in Gwen Stacy. Another comic favorite. Morales is voiced by Shameik Moore … Continue reading Trailer Things: “Spider-Man: Into the Sider-Verse”, Dec. 2018

(Black) Lightning Does Strike Twice

The CW threw there hat in the inclusive ring with last year's announcement of D.C.'s Black Lightning. After the success of their mostly white superhero shows - adding Supergirl two years ago- it was time D.C.'s first African American star shined. Akin to Marvel's Luke Cage, Lightning struck in the 1970s off the popularity of … Continue reading (Black) Lightning Does Strike Twice

N.O.T.: Marvel’s ‘The Defenders’ Ep 5-8

I finished the series Saturday evening and I must say, after the slow start Marvel's The Defenders found it's pace and never ceased to amaze. Once our foursome finally faced their enemy - The Hand - things popped off. Some highlights from the latter episodes without spoiling everything. Sowande should have been Diamondback | The mysterious man in … Continue reading N.O.T.: Marvel’s ‘The Defenders’ Ep 5-8

Hate Is a Strong Word: ‘The Defenders’ Ep 1-4

Marvel set a tone for their mature Netflix series beginning with Daredevil, Jessica Jones and the somewhat lukewarm Luke Cage. Accompanying that tone was a level of hype and anticipation with each new series. It's peak definitely soared with the groundbreaking debut of Cage's edition. Sadly it was missed with the tumultuous release of the … Continue reading Hate Is a Strong Word: ‘The Defenders’ Ep 1-4