Twenty Eighteen (Thus Far): Peak TV

We're a month past the halfway point of 2000's 18th birthday. You're an adult, bitch. Idealists figured you'd be living like Judy Jetson. Instead you're gradually moving on up like Weezie Jefferson. Nevertheless, you persist and do things your way, unapologetically. Here are the best of those things in no particular order. Thanks for the … Continue reading Twenty Eighteen (Thus Far): Peak TV

30for30 – Day Seven & Eight

Ugly Betty | This hysterical American take on a Spanish telenovela packed as much heart as it did laughs. America Ferrera delivered as the spunky and determined Betty, who battled posh naysayers at Meade Publications. Before the devil wore Prada, she probably worked for Vanessa Williams' Wilhemina Slater, the icy nemesis at Mode Magazine. Ugly Betty was … Continue reading 30for30 – Day Seven & Eight

ELN: Powerful ‘This Is Us’ reveals two secrets 

Last night's This Is Us spelled something new for Kate, while unveiling a character flaw Kevin inherited from his father. And Randall and Beth took a step forward with Deja, only to face another setback.   Kate busies herself in preparation for a big show, paying particular attention to her steady weight loss. Toby senses she … Continue reading ELN: Powerful ‘This Is Us’ reveals two secrets 

ELN: ‘Flash’ drags back as ‘This Is Us’ continues strong

The week of premieres continued with CW’s The Flash beginning its fourth season. I also made it through the best episode of This Is Us yet. After season three’s lackluster run, viewers had been promised a fresh start as The Flash is “ reborn.” What we got was an average episode that could have been … Continue reading ELN: ‘Flash’ drags back as ‘This Is Us’ continues strong

ELN: Two families, two shows

Tuesday night was reserved for the family dramas. We returned to the then-and-now family ties of This Is Us, and the down South black love in Queen Sugar. Queen picks up from its midseason hiatus with a two-night premiere. Us focused on the crew attending Kevin's return to The Manny, a career move he feels is disrespectful … Continue reading ELN: Two families, two shows

Hate Is a Strong Word | This Is Us: S1 Finale

  Like most of America, I too, was caught up in NBC's hit drama after the pilot's jaw-dropping last five minutes. The reveal of the Pearsons then, being the same family now, was touching, bold and smart. Since then Tuesday's at 9 p.m. have been a new version of the network's "must-see TV." Not only … Continue reading Hate Is a Strong Word | This Is Us: S1 Finale