Rewind: Harlem crowns a king in solid “Luke Cage” S2

On June 22 Netflix's third Marvel hero returned with its sophomore season. Luke Cage season two was available midnight Friday. Soon Twitter buzzed of its likes, dislikes and other observances of the 13-episode entry. How did the season fair after the tumultuous reception to Diamondback? Peep my review below. WARNING: Small spoilers ahead Season 2 of Luke Cage took … Continue reading Rewind: Harlem crowns a king in solid “Luke Cage” S2

Hate Me Now: “Killing Eve”

  Sunday evening BBC America wrapped up the stellar first season of spy-thriller comedy Killing Eve. Starring Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer, the cat-and-mouse caper follows a British Intelligence agent become obsessed with an elusive female assassin. Beneath the comedic thrills and fatal chills, is a stronger narrative of two women looking for freedom.   Oh is … Continue reading Hate Me Now: “Killing Eve”

(Black) Lightning Does Strike Twice

The CW threw there hat in the inclusive ring with last year's announcement of D.C.'s Black Lightning. After the success of their mostly white superhero shows - adding Supergirl two years ago- it was time D.C.'s first African American star shined. Akin to Marvel's Luke Cage, Lightning struck in the 1970s off the popularity of … Continue reading (Black) Lightning Does Strike Twice


This week marks the return of all the shows (ALL OF THE SHOWS *in my Rihanna voice*). 2018 began at a gradual pace of a show here (Star Trek Discovery) and there (This Is Us). But midway through January, new and returning shows are stampeding on my evenings. Let the games begin. Monday - Tomorrow … Continue reading TV BYKE

ELN: ‘Gifted’ – “eXit strategy” sets up war to come

Fox’s The Gifted saw our mutant rebels risk it all for a rescue mission.  Lorna and Reed form an unlikely alliance while Marcos visits someone from his past. The episode opens in a flashback: Marcos, Johnny and others attempt to free prisoners from Sentinel Services. They barely escape, with one mutant – Josh – being … Continue reading ELN: ‘Gifted’ – “eXit strategy” sets up war to come